Free antivirus software rescue

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Free antivirus software


Free antivirus rescue

If the virus is completely blocks the computer

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If you urgently need to scan the computer for viruses, we recommend the following free tools:

Free antivirus

To ensure that your computer is always protected, install an antivirus program with regular updates of its virus databases. It is best to set up the antivirus program to constantly monitor the behavior of the programs running on your computer.

If you cannot install a paid antivirus program, use one of the following free programs listed below. Most of these programs are trial versions of paid antivirus programs with reduced functionality. But even a reduced antivirus program is better than none.

Free antivirus programs:

If the virus is completely blocks the computer

If the virus completely blocks the operating system, you can use the image of the boot disk with an virus scanner:

Scan your computer using a startup disk: