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Cork (Irish: Corcaigh) is the second largest city in Ireland and the third most populous city on the island of Ireland after Dublin and Belfast. It is the main city and the administrative and economic capital of County Cork. The city has a population of 125,622 inhabitants. Cork County has 416,574 inhabitants and Province 1,280,33941. The name of the city comes from the Irish word corcach which means marshy location and which refers to the location of the city along the Lee River. Cork has a reputation as a rebellious city since its citizens sided with Perkin Warbeck in 1491 after the war of the Two Roses. In the same way County Cork is nicknamed the rebel County. This representation that the inhabitants of the city have of their community often makes them say that they live in the "real capital of Ireland". The Lee crosses the city. An island in the middle of the river forms the main part of downtown Cork. It is located just before the Lee flows into Lough Mahon and Cork Harbor, the second largest natural seaport in the world after Sydney Bay. The city of Cork is one of Ireland's main ports; its docks and docks are located along the Lee.Wikipedia

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